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This section is dedicated to kids 8 - 13 years of age.

Kids are the future of athletics and Antonio Giuliani Running Group Inc. is committed to introducing kids to this amazing sport and help them have fun running.

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Registration is now open for memberships up to 30 June 2020

Kids and Athletics

Ready. Set. Go.


Running is the mother of all sport.

The great things about running is that your kids get to participate at their own pace.

Even a child who is not particularly athletically-inclined can set attainable goal, which will help to boost their confidence and build healthy bodies and minds.

Running Drills Technique


Running Drills improve speed, form and efficiency.

They’re a great way for beginners to increase their athleticism. 

Running for kids in general


Running helps kids improve in other sports.

Running off the field will help improve your child’s aerobic conditioning on the field.

Running also helps develop core and back strength, both of which play an important role in other sports & activities.

Running is a fantastic sport to be involved in at a young age. It brings many rewarding benefits for kids' physical, mental and personal development and wellbeing.

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